is esfolio pearl face mask effective, fragrant face mask to try


Esfolio is a brand from South Korea and the reason why I choose this brand is the fact that K-beauty is in demand right now with all the fuss and whatnots. It is also best to imposed that South Koreans trended into the international beauty radar with their ‘glass skin’ and we have to give it to them because it is indeed a beauty level most of us wanted to achieved. Also, the facts remain that Korean products are very much recommended since it is specifically made even for sensitive skin types, hence you don’t have to worry whether it’ll suit you or not (with some exceptions of course).


Different online stores and mall outlet usually sells Korean products but I bought this mask from BeautyMnl. I recommend you to buy from trusted online shops such as BeautyMnl and Althea to make sure you have only the best and original products because we don’t want to settle for some cheap items just to have your skin damaged in the long run. I advise you to be very carefully when buying mask from retailers that sell them for as low as 10 pesos per piece. It is very difficult to confirm their authenticity since some have foreign characters written from their package and even if you can read those we can never be sure if it’s a knock off.

I know that a regular mask can be expensive per sheet but you don’t have to worry because you can score as love as 20-30 pesos face masks from legit online shops during their sales! I’ve written a different tips containing tips on how to snag a good deal.


So this is so far my favorite variant of face masks that I ever had the privilege to try. What I love about this product is that it has a great smell, a super nice smell, and an addicting powder-y smell. Yes, I am a goner with its smell and it’s freaking awesome! I literally fell for it the moment I tear open the packaging and it is a nice change from the red ginseng variant that I also have.
The mask itself is just okay since it doesn’t have a hard cover layer that helps you put the mask on your face like other brand has so it’s a bit difficult to work your way putting it on your face, spreading it out to lay on your face must be the hardest part of the application process. The essence is like a lotion with a milk consistency for easy application and I am impressed that it is actually light on the skin, I thought it would be sticky and heavy but it’s not.
I also feel like my skin is refresh 100 percent the next day. I noticed that it helps with face bumps and it gave me a dewy skin the next day, this can actually replace your night moisturizer if you happen to afford daily use of face mask.