Mayari Writes is an online magazine that caters different topic. Mayari Writes is one of the passion projects of a 22-year old writer living in Tarlac City, Philippines. This website is her online magazine while She Said Go For It is her online journal for people who is searching and musing about life.

Mayari Writes tackles business, news, lifestyle, promotions, entertainment, beauty, food, fashion, technology, music, and travel.


To be a known resource platform that can be a source of information for curious individuals to  satisfy their cravings for a greater purposes. It aims to be a go-to Online Magazine site that provides knowledge and information for everyone; be it local or international.


To provide information with the help of published articles and to reach different cultures by tackling their traditions and beliefs in written form for the sake of those who seeks understanding of the people and different culture- but not limited to the mentioned culture and lifestyle beforehand.