is esfolio red ginseng face mask effective

Lately I’ve been obsessed with face sheets and masks to the point that I hoard them when a sale on an online shop occurred.
I started getting curious with face mask when I frequently see such products in almost every shopping sites, especially shoppee, with a very cheap price. I remember seeing a mask for only 6 pesos and it’s crazy!
But having a very sensitive skin I’m very keen on the things I buy and try so I didn’t really try those 6 pesos stuff. Another thing that made me think to not try those is the fact that a lot of fake beauty products are circulating and 6 pesos for a face mask is really sketchy.
So back in March 2019 a sale went on at BeautyMNL and I snagged Esfolio products to try. I really ordered every variant of face mask they have back then. I don’t have problems with Esfolio since I did my research before buying and I found out that it is a Korean brand and knowing that Korean really has their A-game for beauty products made me trust it.
Korean products mostly use light substances that wouldn’t harsh your skin or whatsoever as they are known to have this crazy Korean glass skin stuff going on so you are really assured of the quality.


Even before I placed my order I already read from other reviews that Red Ginseng face mask does really have a strong smell and it’s not for the faint hearted one- the last one was exaggeration lol- so I was skeptic but I say to heck and doubled my usual quantity since they say that it is really good despite its smell.
And so I tried. A tip for those who wants to try this is that you can chill the pack 10-15 minutes before applying to minimize the smell and I for review purposes I tried chilling and not chilling for more torrid comparison.
First, I tried the mask as it is and just open the pack immediately after I’m done with my skin care routine and boy it does smell! I’m not sensitive with my sense of smell but I honestly think I smelled better stuff than that mask. It’s not a foul and disgusting smell, just a strong herbal kind of smell and it’s actually more smelly when you still haven’t applied it than when the mask and the essence is on your face.

And then I also tried chilling the pack 10-15 mins before applying. During this time I notice that it is less smelly compare to the unchill pack but it still does have some smell but way tolerable than the other way of application. It is also the same that you can no longer smell it once you have the face and essence already applied on your face.

Effect wise, I think it somehow help with calming down my skin a bit but I still want to try it a couple of times since I remember using both mask during my menstruation cycle and girls know how the hormones act crazy during those time so for fairness and more accurate perspective, I have to try it again.

But aside from that it is recommendable for you to definitely check this variant out.