calamine lotion review

Recently, I had a major itch spree on my leg part that causes me some wounds and rashes due to scratching. At first I thought it is an allergy due to food intake so I decided to lessen my chicken and fish consumption and devoured more vegetables. But days passed and the itching is still there and I am becoming more and more frustrated because the relief I feel the first few second scratching my skin became a suffering once I felt the burning sensation of my skin.

My workmate then suggested this cream that can be used to lessen the itching and so I grab it that same day on Watsons, Citywalk Tarlac City

Zinc Oxide + Calamine is a known multi-purpose moisturizer ointment which can be used to protect, soothes, and help promote healing of skin irritations from different kind of root causes.

One known brand of this ointment is Calmoseptine that is made in USA and which is available on different kind of drugstore here in our country. It is a 3.5 g pack or 1/8 oz which ranges from 37-45 pesos.

So far I tried buying from two different outlet. In Watsons and in a local drugstore located at Magic Star Mall, Tarlac City. In watsons it costs 41pesos while in the local drugstore it’s only 38 php.

calamine review

The Calmoseptine contains calamine, zinc oxide, menthol, sodium bicarbonate, phenol lanolin, thymol, chlorothymol, and glycerin in a suitable ointment base.

The consistency of the cream is very not that sticky and it actually felt like a BB cream that becomes powdery once applied. I applied it on my legs and feet area and even though it’s dry already you can still see white powder-like around the application area so it’s kinda off when you are wearing a shoe that can see some of the skin as it will show some white cream.

I smell it and I was  expecting some menthol-like that is common with ointments but it was actually smell like a paste- the one children use in school with colorful container.

I applied generous amount of cream and after a week of usage I notice that the scars are shredding off and my skin is more moisturized. I am so happy that it moisturize my skin so well which made it possible to shred old skin cell to give way to new healthy skin cell.

All in all I can say that it is a very helpful product since it does its job pretty well. Aside from the opaque white residue I can say that I recommend this for you to try. The itch was gone, it moisturized my skin very well, and it doesn’t have a strong smell.

Rating:  4/5