restaurants in tarlac

If you are looking for a cozy and affordable place to dine in with your family then this post is for you!

Eating and going out with your family is the best way to bond and relax but sometimes the typical food stalls inside the mall can be less appealing since you've been eating those kind of stuff frequently.

Being part of a large family going out to malls can be really expensive! For a bundle of food good for 4 person you need about 150-250php per head. To be honest we don't spend that much dining out but recently we frequent this place along San Rafael, McArthur Highway where we can dine without worrying much about our expenses.

Compare to other food establishments who keep up with modern trends and all that coziness this place has a very local vibe with the use of bamboo. It tries to feel like we are back in the early 2000s and we are just eating in our bahay kubo. The establishment kind of look dull outside but once you enter you'll appreciate the lightings placed at vantage points.

As mentioned earlier, the price is much more affordable compare when dining out in your frequent fastfood franchise/restaurant. What I recommend for you to try is their roasted chicken (I hope that's the correct name) or is it Chinese Chicken? Whatever, just try their chicken already. I love how it is cook, I'm guessing air fryer, since it is not oily or greasy at all! Their serving is kinda small tho, I remember that aside from the whole chicken we ordered Kare-Kare, chopsuey, and chicharon bulaklak but I just had enough to taste it. Oh well, still much more cheaper when dined in the malls.

So to further help you decide if this place is for you this is a rating based on our compiled reactions from other.


They are good but they can be better. They are not cozy and friendly.


It's good and as I've mentioned earlier I love the chicken! I also think that the plates used perfectly fit the theme and the design setup.

PRICE: 4.25

I love how inexpensive a dinning trip could be! 


It is easy to find and strategically located along McArthur National Highway. You won't be missed this since it is just across the Barangay Hall of Barangay San Rafael, Tarlac City.