restaurants in tarlac

We are always on the look out for food stalls and businesses around our radar and for this post we would like to introduce you to one of the affordable places to dine.

Digo's is currently located at Citywalk Mall, Tarlac City and if you happened to be looking for a place to eat in Tarlac City then this is one of the places you can dine in.

What we love about Digo's is their budget friendly meals that serves as our go-to meals especially during our college days. For only 85php you can order a meal with complimentary drinks!

They serve different kinds of food, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and more! From teriyaki, adobo, ramen, samgyupsal, and they also have different kinds of beverages!

My favorite combination will always be their Breaded Fish Fillet partner with Red Tea. With those, I'm sold.

Unlike other restaurants who market their place with the help of cozy furniture and design, Digo's focuses on having this light atmosphere which you can see clearly with its bright and natural color used. It seems more cooler despite the lack of AC units.

Every time you dine, you will be transported back to the old days where bangko still exists as a common tool. 

The glass wall comes handy for instant retouch and it helps create illusion that it is a spacious place when it's really not that's why it is not ideal to kill time here- plus the fact that it doesn't have a wifi.

But seriously speaking, despite all of the things it doesn't have this place is already a great place to fill your tummy something at an affordable price!

Digo's is located at Citywalk Mall, Tarlac City so if you are looking for a place to dine or do while in Tarlac City then be sure to check this out. You'll never be lost when you search this as it is in the heart of the City.

Update as of May 27, 2019: This establishment is already closed, no further information whether they continue their business somewhere is available.