MANILA, PHILIPPINES, November 2021 – Rexona, the #1 deodorant brand in the Philippines and in the world, values the importance of all-day freshness. As 2021 begins to wind down, Rexona teams up with celebrities and social media content creators to share their #RexonaHatawSaGalaw stories to continue encouraging people to keep moving without limits.

With things to do and places to go, showering with soap may not be enough to protect you from underarm sweat and odor that can negatively affect your moves throughout the day, causing you to limit your movements and keeping you from performing at your best. After all, you’re only as fresh as the moment you step out of the shower.

In everything you do, nothing should stop you from going all-out, not even the sweat and the odor. This is why Rexona can give you the confidence you need to switch from pigil to hataw, letting you move around the way you want. These Pigil-to-Hataw moments can happen to anyone, even like Luis Manzano. Alongside celebrities and social media sensations such as Kyo Quijano, Macoy Dubs, Davao Conyo, Oliver Sullano, Vanessa Kate Alvarez, Rio Oriondo and more, they create 30-second videos that reflect on their life experiences, looking back on various moments where they felt like the didn’t have what it took to go all-out. 

However, they surpassed all the pigil moments that come their way, by tapping into the extra confidence to move at #HatawSaGalaw levels brought on by Rexona’s Powder Dry and Ice Cool deodorants. To enable people to join the conversation on social media, the collective then invite followers to share their #RexonaHatawSaGalaw stories online as well. 

“Whether for work or play, confidence is key in helping us perform at the top level”, said Shanelle Yu, Assistant Brand Manager for Rexona. “While we’ve all had moments wherein sweat and odor make us more self-conscious of how we move, there’s no reason to be held back anymore. By using Rexona after every bath, you can get the all-day freshness that you need to achieve #HatawSaGalaw level confidence to move to the best of your abilities,” she added.

Don’t give in to the pigil moments in your life and get the hataw confidence you need to push yourself harder. Whether you’re on the move, working hard to get things done, or working up a sweat finishing your fitness routines, Rexona Powder Dry and Ice Cool deodorants help you move without limits, with #HatawSaGalaw level confidence and freshness that outlasts the day. To see how you can share your #RexonaHatawSaGalaw story, check out Rexona’s Facebook and Instagram page and get Rexona Powder Dry and Ice Cool deodorants now on Lazada.