So if you haven't heard about Taylor's fight against her label- where are you and why did you not know. Anyway, don't fret we got you. In this post you will read a bullet form update on what happened and what's the current score.

  • Taylor tweeted on November 14. It is a screen cap letter to all her supporters asking for help. In the letter she shared how she fought silently and tried to fix the beef between her and two label exec Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun. She was told that she was not allowed to play any of her old songs because it would be re-recording the song and it is against the contract.
  • Also, she also said in the statement that a Netflix documentary about her life was being block by the label because she was not allowed to use any of her old songs.
  • Taylor Swift's contract with the said label is ending and what the label is trying to do is to monopolize her into signing again. Somewhere from the twitter world (will get the link once I found it) the label wanted Taylor to sign a contract with provision that she can get the rights of her previous works in exchange of new works. So to cut it short, in order to get the rights of her previous 7 albums under the label she needs to create another 7 more for them- find it unfair to be honest.
  • Anyway, Twitter once again did its thing. People and fans were mad and made the tweet and subject trended worldwide. Twitter people are the kindest people when it comes to advocacy and stuff.
  • Artists and other musicians back up Taylor Swift including Selena, Sarah Bareilles, and many more. They extended their support by sharing their piece about the subject. Even those who aren't fan of Taylor Swift supported her; many BTS fans took on twitter to show their support. BTS fans shared that even though they are not really fan of Taylor they get what she is facing and would extend the help. We stan kind and supportive fandoms!
  • On November 15, Big Machine released a statement saying that they are in fact shocked of Taylor's statement. They said that they did not stop Taylor from performing her old songs for the AMA. Here's Big Machine's statement: