Timmy Albert paving his way to limelight

A recent concluded show was held on September 24, 2019 at Ayala Vertis Tent for the Karpos Live Mix 8 highlighting international artist Jeremy Zucker and local artist Kiana Valenciano.

The one-night event also featured a rising local artist Timmy Albert that Philippine music scene should look out for.

Timmy is the opening act for the 8th installment of the Karpos Live Mix show series.

He made his fan swoon over him as he sang covers and original titles such as somebody else, roses and sunflowers, lovebug, and emotions away.

What we love about this young artist is how he delivers his song as if he’s just all by himself singing his heart out while interacting with his fan at the same time. It seems like he has a different world while singing and he brings his audience with him to that different world while at it, his stage presence is on point as well. The natural charisma of Timmy really made girls present in the event fall even harder for him and his music.

While singing he has this wide smile for everyone that brightens up the atmosphere. His song will also makes you want to fall in love with him even harder, well maybe not with him because you guys have a lot of competition to fight off, or just fall in love in general.

After his set, he was so kind enough to greet his fans and take selfies with them before returning back stage; we were able to interview him and he answered some of our questions during his mini-meet and greet.

Timmy Albert with fan Teresa

When asked to describe his style of music Timmy said that he identifies his as ‘synth-pop’ which is a combination of retro and indie that really show in his songs. The 80s decade vibe is really on point that even millennials will understand why this young artist really deserve where he is and more. He gives off a chill vibe that kinda rebel the distinct OPM that we hear nowadays. And even though he channels 80s or retro vibes his song doesn’t really sound distinctly 80s for us, he was able to influence his style with retro but mix it up with modern lyrics and some twitches over here and there. Brilliant!

He also said that he wants to perform in music festivals such as Wanderland and his opening act at Karpos Live Mix 8 can be considered as his preparation to reach that goal, we have no doubt that he’ll do great. We want to see you perform in Wanderland as well, Timmy! We stan a goal-oriented artist.

During the interview we kinda pry some personal stuff from him and being shock was an understatement when he shared that he used to be a ‘fat kid’ growing up. He told us that he used to be overweight although we can’t see any resemblance or aftermath of those fat tissues anymore, and we guess that puberty got him really good.

During the event Tim just got even lucky since he was able to share the stage with Jeremy Zucker whom he considered as one of his musical influences as well as some other artists like LANY, Lauv, and some indie and local bands.

That’s not all, he got a quick duet with Jeremy while singing the later’s hit song come thru back stage which he shared on his IG account.

For fans, he also shared that he will be releasing a new song entitled ‘Dear Moon’ which will go live on October 11, 2019. He also wanted to thank his fan for all the love and support he receives may it be streaming his songs online or going to his shows.

For more info and update with Timmy you can follow him at his social media handles.
IG: @timtamalbert

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