Silent Sanctuary and Brisom don’t believe in boxes and labels.  Silent Sanctuary has a rock sound but they have a violinist to add the texture of a classical string section to their band.  Brisom combines the influence of world music with synth sounds and an indie pop music flavor.  This common point of view makes it easy for them to just hang out, to just be themselves.  When they get together, the laughter comes easily.  Work flows because they don’t see themselves as working.

“We found out that they also wanted to add some strings to their sound,” Raymund “Sarkie” Sarangay, vocalist and guitarist of Silent Sanctuary revealed.  “And we only found that out when we sat down for the collab in Coke Studio. Somehow, nag volt in kami.”  

Brian Sombero, vocalist of Brisom explains, “Friends na kami.  Even before this project, we already knew each other.  Of course, we would go to each other’s gigs and we knew each other’s music. We would hang out. But this time, we got to see another side of them.  They’re super fun, funny but also competitive!

“A love of an easygoing hangout did connect them, but they discovered that creativity can take many paths.  Brian reveals, "We have a very different way of songwriting.  For us, we start with the intro.  That’s how we build upon a song.  It’s make or break for us.  Without it, we can’t make a good song.  But for Sarkie, he likes to start with the chorus and the melody.  So we learned that it’s also good to try other ways of songwriting; it’s good to get out of your comfort zone.”

Both bands also saw the big picture; they all wanted to create a song that was positive, uplifting and as simple as Sarkie says, “masarap pang road trip.” 

Kim Mirandilla-Ng, the violinist of Silent Sanctuary, says, “We want young people to know that even if it’s good to be aware of the trends; it’s also OK to go against the tide to find yourself.”  

Brian sees it simply as honesty.  “It’s good that kids nowadays know about issues, about being woke.  But for us, with our music and lyrics, we’re just keeping it real."

Keeping it real still surprised both bands.

“We didn’t expect that it would get so emotional,” Brian admits.

“At first, you think it’s just about hanging out, and then you realize everything you’ve been through, and then it gets very emotional,” Jeffrey Castro, the drummer for Brisom, says.

Taste the sounds of Pinoy music as Silent Sanctuary and Brisom collaborate for Coke Studio Season3. Catch them on September 21, Saturday, at 10 a.m. on ABS-CBN or on and keep updated with Philippine music scene happenings!