Schuyler strive to be a catalyst for the further development of the cold chain solution in the country. They provides refrigeration technology which offers clients the convenience of having locally available ice making machines, cold storage/walk-in freezer and blast freezers

Schuyler walk that extra mile to place self-contained facilities directly to local fishing and farming communities, benefitting the fishermen, the farmers and the livestock suppliers. Such facilities translate to increased productivity, higher food quality, and improved trade opportunities.

Schulyer, in partnership with businessmen/business enterprises who share company’s vision, aims to be the frontrunner in ice-making, cold storage and blast freezing, geared towards making available the freshest sea and farm produce to satisfy local market needs and expand the market reach of the products globally.

Below are their world-class ice making machines which only uses top-of the line brand for refrigeration parts.

•             The first in the Philippines as fully-automated Block ice machine
•             Machines ranging from 0.5 to 30 tons of block ice a day
•             High in density, clear as crystal, hard and doesn’t melt easily
•             Shorter freezing time,
•             Fully automated machine
•             No installation needed, unit is complete/finished (Integrated unit)
•             Superior Quality Aluminum Plate Evaporator that is energy efficient and durable. Each compartment freezes and produces   block ice. This contact freezing is faster and more efficient – higher efficiency with low energy consumption.
•             304 Stainless Steel Plate Condenser has both air and water cooling
•             Unit has evaporation hydraulic auto unloading of
                ice blocks
•             One-piece design (Flashcold patent). Can easily be moved from one place to another. Substantial savings on construction cost, savings on space and transport cost
•             Adopts an intelligent remote operating system (PLC, English and APP are supported). Needs minimal work
                force   (Add-on option)
•             Stronger and sturdier structure gives unit a longer life span – more than 30 years
•             Ice produced can be used for food application
•             Superior after sales support


•             Directly formed at low temperature, ice flakes are as cold as below -8˚C
•             Ice flakes are dry, clean, beautiful in shape, convenient, and not likely to lump.
•             Full contact with refrigerated objects for good preservation effect.
•             It cannot damage the surface of refrigerated objects


•            The ice is hard and powderless
•             It is transparent, sanitary and environment-friendly
•             Outer diameter: 22, 29, 35, 41 mm, and can be customized
•             Has longer melting time
•             Suitable for storing and transporting